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Can You Sea?: The Mediterranean as a political body

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The geopolitical significance of Malta is indelibly linked to its maritime identity: throughout history the island has been in turn a refuge, a hideaway, a port, a silo, a defender and ‘brave fortress’. It is the sea that has shaped the land and defined Malta’s trajectory and its multiplicity of realities. The Mediterranean becomes a fluid, open space where to exercise plurality of voices and visions, beyond nationalistic divides.

The Counterpower of Piracy

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Photo: Artist: Daniel Jablonski Hy Brazil, 2018-2020; 02 light-boxes with 37 interchangeable prints on acrylic plates, with 0,5mm laser engravings (70 x 100 cm each) Photo credit: Filipe Berndt We should look at Corsairing as a motor of the Maltese economy at the time – just like freeport and digital gaming are now.                                                        Liam Gauci The sea that […]

Decolonising Malta: Polyphony Is Us

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Architectural Digest, 2023, Gilded chocolatePhoto courtesy of Pequod.Co  Photo: Artist: Andrea Ferrero.  Carthaginians, Romans, Byzantines, Muslims, Normans, Swabians, Aragonese, Castilians, the polyglottic Knights of St John, the French and Great Britain left their mark on the Maltese language which is now an intriguing fusion of Arabic, Sicilian, Italian and English words.Joseph M.Brincat For those arriving in Malta for […]

The Matri-archive of the Mediterranean


Challenging the patriarchal perspective that has long dominated archiving, the Matri-archive investigates how an alternative archive dedicated to the feminine might be established. Focusing on how memory and legacy are transmitted through generations of women, this section unveils a matriarchal form of knowledge, imbued with the wisdom of transformative potency to champion a universal interconnectedness, hospitality and harmony between beings.