baħar abjad imsaġar taż-żebbuġ

Under the Patronage of
His Excellency the President of Malta


Kulħadd Kontrina

Exploring the labyrinth of rivalry, competition, identity and lineage within the Mediterranean’s tempestuous history, “Kulħadd kontrina” delves into the historic rivalry between Valletta FC and Floriana FC. 

It further unravels the historical entanglements linking Valletta FC’s community with Palestine, a nexus shrouded in anthropological intricacies and contention. 

The narrative unfolds within the forsaken walls of Fort Campbell, a relic of British imperial ambition, now infamous for its underground revelries. Through the lens of the poignant and provocative question, “Who is your father? Ask your mother,” the video probes the essence of belonging and heritage—questions that resonate with profound and varied implications across the landscapes of Gaza. 

Conceived and directed by Sean Buhagiar and brought to life through the collaborative efforts of JOON, this piece offers a reflective examination of our shared Mediterranean existence, marked by its rich tapestry of conflict, connection, religious and cultural diversity.

This piece premiered for the official opening of the

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Opening Ceremony Artistic Director

Sean Buhagiar (1986) is a versatile Maltese Theatre-Maker, Actor and Artistic Director, also working in video and film. 

His current theatre work is inspired by the relationship between The society of the spectacle and Audience provocation (Po, Edward De Bono) in the Age of Distraction. 

He defines himself as being a gentle radical that flirts with the mainstream. His work spans over 15 years, garnering several awards; critical and audience recognition. 

Notably, he’s Teatru Malta’s Artistic Director, the national theatre company of Malta.