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Under the Patronage of
His Excellency the President of Malta


Laura Besançon



Laura Besançon (b.1993, Malta) has a background in communications and psychology, and an MA Photography degree from the Royal College of Art, UK. Central to Laura’s practice are notions of play, connectivity and place. She is also interested in appropriation, reconfiguration, shifting perspectives and playful action. She was a finalist for the 2019 MTV Re:define Award (US), the 2020 Aesthetica Art Prize (UK), and the 2021 Next Thing Moving Image Award (UK) with her participatory project Alone, Together (2018 – ongoing). The project has been selected for the Izmir Mediterranean Biennial (2024). Laura was recently artist-in-residence at ZK/U Berlin, La Cité internationale des arts in Paris (FR), and the Izmir Biennial residency.

Artwork Title:

Skyline (this sweet land), 2024

Artwork Media:

Found object (crane jib sections), concrete blocks, steel plaque with QR code, chain


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