baħar abjad imsaġar taż-żebbuġ

Under the Patronage of
His Excellency the President of Malta

2-minute video features produced 30 TV short 2-minute features aired on Malta’s national TV station. The features introduce some of the contemporary art, the rich historical settings, and the creative minds behind the artworks. Each feature is designed to engage viewers with compelling visuals and informative content, encouraging both participation in the and a deeper appreciation for the arts.

Artist Name - Yan Shanchun

YAN Shanchun is a Chinese artist whose works form part of the China National Pavilion ‘Tracing’. His works are collected and exhibited by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Art Institute of Chicago, the Art Museum of China Academy of Art and other institutions.

Artist Name - Lia Dostlieva

Lia Dostlieva is a Ukrainian artist whose works form part of the ‘Other Geographies, Other Stories’ thematic pavilion. Through her art and research, she explores collective trauma, decolonial narratives involving various species, and the empowerment of marginalized communities

Artist Name - Sofie Muller

Sofie Muller is a Belgian artist whose work forms part of ‘The Clean Room’ thematic pavilion of Her oeuvre weaves a complex narrative of body, identity, gender, and memory. Articulating contradictions, exploring genetic transformation, and reflecting on themes like desire and exclusion, she delves into the human condition.

Artist Name - Gijeong Goo

Gijeong Goo is a Korean artist whose works form part of the ‘Hybrid Landscape is Isolated’ thematic pavilion. He explores the intricate interplay among humans, machines, and nature by transforming actual landscapes into digital imagery through 3D rendering and translating them into images and installations within physical spaces.

Artist Name - Alevtina Kakhidze

Alevtina Kakhidze is a Ukranian multidisciplinary artist who’s works form part of the Ukraine National Pavilion. She works in the fields of performance, drawing, time-based media, curatorship, and collaborative art with a focus on consumerism, plant culture, feminism, and life in conflict zones. Kakhidze has become one of the most prominent artists working in Ukraine today.

Artist Name - Trevor Borg

Trevor Borg is a Maltese multi-disciplinary artist, curator and researcher, who’s works form part of the Malta National Pavilion. His practice traverses place and space, delves into ambiguous territory and oscillates between the poetic and the political. Borg’s work spans a wide range of media from drawing, painting and sculpture to film and installations.

Artist Name - Mariana Hahn

Mariana Hahn is an artist who’s works form part of the pavilion of France and Germany. Learn more about Mariana Hahn as well as her installation, part of the France & Germany National Pavilion for 2024. She explains the beauty of the Maltese Islands and the Maltese language, as well as why Malta serves as a strong background for her installation.

Artist Name - Alexandra Aquilina

Alexandra Aquilina is a Maltese artist who’s works form part of the Malta National Pavilion. Watch as she explains the message behind her work which delves deeper into the theme of identity.

Artist Name - Claude Borg, Mariah Borg, Sumaya Ben Saad, Rebecca Mifsud

Claude Borg, Mariah Borg, Sumaya Ben Saad and Rebecca Mifsud are an artist collective. Since their first collaborative artistic work titled Pellicola, the four have utilised their combined expertise in architecture, structural engineering and spatial design to further expand and explore their artistic journey. Learn more about them as well as their installation for 2024, and watch as they explain the powerful message behind their installation.

Artist Name - Adama Delphine Fawundu

Adam Delphine Fawundu is a visual artist based in Brooklyn, New York. Her artistic works explore themes such as indigenisation, ancestral memory and activating the radical imagination. Get to know more about her works part of 2024, exploring the themes of colonisation, and the hardships faced by those who live on an island.

Artist Name - Mel Chin

Mel Chin is an American artist participating in 2024. Get to know more about his work as he explains the importance of giving life to stolen and misused symbols with a different message.

Artist Name - Luz Lizarazo

Luz Lizarazo is a Colombian artist. She explains the powerful and significant message behind her piece for and the importance she gives to Saint Agatha. Delve into the intricacies of her installation which aims to represent all women who cannot speak up.

Artist Name - Barbara Kapusta

Barbara Kapusta is an Austrian artist. Her work is characterised by a long-standing preoccupation with the relationship between the body and materiality, language and architecture. Learn more about Barbara Kapusta, as well as her work part of the 2024.

Artist Name - Sandra Zaffarese

Sandra Zaffarese is a Maltese-English artist. Sandra Zaffarese works and practices in Malta, and is a multi-disciplinarian interested in the all too often overlooked or undercooked.. Throughout her career, she has egularly showed her work, curated and organised over 30 exhibitions.

Artist Name - Bettina Hutschek

Bettina Hutschek is a German visual artist, storyteller and filmmaker working in Malta and Berlin. Throughout her career, her artistic works has been screened, exhibited and performed internationally. Learn more about her works part of the 2024.

Artist Name - Anna Raimondo

Anna Raimondo is an Italian artist particpating in the 2024. She uses voices and listening as a platform for encounter, collaboration and exchange as tools for the diffraction of identity. Questioning the limits between private and public, between genders and their connotations, she activates or deconstructs cultural practices to encourage and reveal the inherent potentials of fluidity in identity.

Artist Name - Daniel Jablonski

Daniel Jablonski is a Brazilian artist and researcher. His multifaceted work has been exhibited in solo and group shows in important venues. Learn more about Daniel Jablonski as well as his installation, for 2024. Watch as he explains the significance of the name Brazil which resonates deeply with his installation, and the beauty of the Maltese Islands.

Artist Name - Josian Bonello

Josian Bonello is an artist based in Malta. Throughout her artistic journey she has participated in a number of collective exhibitions and studied graphic design, nude figure drawing and etching.Learn more about Josian Bonello, as well as her artwork part of 2024.

Artist Name - Anthony Spagnol

Anthony Spagnol is a Maltese artist. Transitioning from figurative to abstract art, he views the latter as a highly spiritual language with which he can still narrate stories, even as he engages in commissioned figurative works. Watch as he delves into his installation and emphasises the importance of the mediterranean sea and how this relates to his artwork forming part of

Artist Name - Tom Van Malderen

Tom Van Malderen is a Malta-based architect who probes the intersections of art, design and architecture in his work. He invites visitors and users to imagine and experience the fictions and frictions of our inhabited space, its politics, its history, its materiality and other real and unreal constructs. Watch as he explains the concept and message behind his work and delves into the intricacies of his artwork.

Artist Name - Rebecca Bonaci

Rebecca Bonaci is a Maltese based visual artist & tattooist. Bonaci emphasises the importance of respect and culture in today’s modern world and how this relates to her artwork forming part of

Artist Name - Anna Anderegg

Anna Anderegg is a Swiss performance artist. Her practice is built on the dialogue between the human body and its environment. Learn more about Anna Anderegg as well as her installation for 2024. Watch as she explains the message behind her project and the though-provoking message on the society of today.

Artist Name - Fabrizio Vatieri

Fabrizio Vatieri is an Italian artist and professional photographer who trained as an architect. His artistic practice is based on different disciplines including performance, music, and photography. His research focuses on the relationship between the human hand, architectural space and natural phenomena.

Artist Name - Leo Chircop

Leo Chircop is a Maltese artist and photographer. His motivation in image making emerges from his academic Art Historical background and interest in contemporary photography. Learn more about his works part of the 2024.

Artist Name - Wioletta Kulewska Akyel

Wioletta Kulewska Akyel is a Polish artist. Throughout her practice, Wioletta Kulewska Akyel works across painting, design and installation, often extending beyond the limitations of canvas and frame. Learn more about her installation part of 2024.

Artist Name - Raphael Vella

Raphael Vella is a Maltese artist, educator and curator. Throughout his career, Raphael’s works have been shown in numerous international exhibitions and venues, and he has curated both solo and group exhibitions locally and overseas. Learn more about his installation part of the 2024.

Artist Name - Laura Besançon

Laura Besançon is a Maltese artist with a strong background in communications and psychology. Central to Laura’s practice are notions of play, connectivity and place. She is also interested in appropriation, reconfiguration, shifting perspectives and playful action. Watch as she explains the message and concept behind her installation part of 2024.

Artist Name - Joseph Cochran II

Joseph Cochran II is an American is a lens-based artist. His work spans photography, video, and archival research. Learn more about Joseph Cochran II as well as his installation, for 2024. Watch as he explains the significance of the Maltese Island and its rich history which served as a basis for his installation.