baħar abjad imsaġar taż-żebbuġ

Under the Patronage of
His Excellency the President of Malta


Thematic Pavilion

Hybrid Landscape is Isolated

“Hybrid Landscape is Isolated” offers an examination of contemporary Korean dynamics and its impact on new isolation. The piece captures the intersection of vibrancy and isolation amid the country’s technological advancements. The term “hybrid” reflects the coalescence of diverse elements of Korean scenery, particularly by juxtaposing Jeju Island with the Maltese Islands, while acknowledging the emergence of isolative trends in physical reality, virtual realms, and digital imagination. This contrast brings forth the nuanced relationship between nature, digital isolation, and geopolitical histories within these two geographically disparate yet thematically interconnected regions.


Jieon Lee
Jieon Lee(1994), a curator, adeptly connects scientific images—both factual and fictional—with the emergence of new normality. Focused on various media and technologies utilising the “body” as a medium, Lee explores the intersection of scientific representation and societal shifts. Lee was part of the Busan Biennale exhibition team(2020-2022), and worked for the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea(2023). Lee curated and co-curated the exhibitions including ‘A Deliberate and Rapid Transplant’(Art Space Mullae, 2023), ‘Contrology’ (Hall 1, 2022), ‘Underwater Hibernation’(PLACEMAK3, 2021), and ‘Emerging Landscape: A New Normality'(Royal West of England Academy, 2019), among others.


Gijeong Goo
Gijeong Goo(1990) explores the intricate interplay among humans, machines, and nature by transforming actual landscapes into digital imagery through 3D rendering and translating them into images and installations within physical spaces. Real landscapes, replicated by digital technology, converge with virtual elements of augmented reality, giving rise to an ambiance that dwells on the borderline between reality and virtuality. He has featured in the solo exhibition ‘Contrology’ (Hall 1, 2022) and group exhibitions ‘A Deliberate and Rapid Transplants'(Art Space Mullae, 2023), ‘SeMA Anthology: Ten Enchanting’(Buk-Seoul Museum of Art, 2023), Dutch Design Week ‘Get Set’ (Strijp-T, 2022), among others.


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