baħar abjad imsaġar taż-żebbuġ

Under the Patronage of
His Excellency the President of Malta


National Pavilion

In Between

The Austrian pavilion for the Malta Biennale 2024 aims to create a transformative experience through two rooms. The first, “Humanity’s Spectrum”, uses terracotta figures to depict the varied aspects of human existence, from hope and resilience to distress and isolation. Visitors encounter reflections of themselves in different scenarios, prompting introspection. The centerpiece, a driftwood angel, symbolizes hope. The second room, “Scapegoating Through Time”, explores historical victimization through diverse goat heads, urging reflection on persistent patterns of blame and persecution. The pavilion encourages introspection, empathy, and a commitment to shaping a more inclusive and compassionate future.


Carl Aigner
– 1954 Born in Ried i.l. – Studied history, German studies, art history and journalism in Salzburg and Paris.1989 – 2001 Teaching at various Austrian universities and at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. Since 1991 founding editor of EIKON – International Art Magazine for Photography and Media Art, Vienna.1997-2003 Director Kunsthalle Krems.2002 – 2019 Director of the Lower Austrian State Museum St. Pölten. 2004 Award of the “Cross of Honour for Science and Art” of the Republic of Austria. 2005-2008 President of ICOM Austrian. 2008 – 2022 Member of the Board of the Rudolf Leopold Private Foundation – Museum Vienna. – Numerous editorships and publications on fine art, photography and media art, specialising in 19th, 20th century and contemporary art. Lives in Vienna and Krems


Christian Gmeiner
Born in 1960 in Vienna, Christian Gmeiner is an all-round talent and multifaceted seeker and doer of many areas. His diverse work consists of graphics, images in a variety of techniques, sculptures, but also works using enamel technology and even frescoes. The artist deals with classic genres such as portraits, nude paintings or landscapes. He lives and works in Krems, Austria, works as an artist and teaches at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna.


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